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My CBD Personal Story


I suffered from aches and pains, high blood pressure from overcoming so much PTSD and I also had a hormone imbalance. I had healed myself over a 6 year period and brought my body back into balance and my hormones were the best they have ever been (after birthing 5 children and 3 failed IVF's). But, my body still had a hard time winding down from living such a busy life, I do not drink alcohol and I do not smoke anything either. I wanted help with my hormone migraines and my pains. I started taking CBD Full Spectrum at night and I immediately started sleeping better.


I started taking it sublingually 3 times a day and my hormones settled down and my migraines went away. I also had no pain. It is a miracle. I cannot nor would I even dream of not using Full Spectrum CBD oil now. I have my mom taking it and my family. Everyone feels better. Plus I use the CBD face creams and it's a noticeable difference. I first started filming my YouTube show 6 months ago and I see such a difference in my skin now from them.


​If you want to try CBD for yourself, click this link and purchase your product! If you want to become an affiliate, you can be affiliated under me and we can grow together as we support and nurture ourselves and help heal the planet through plants, through love, and through education. Join me in healing!