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When our Bengal got bit by a rattle snake

Our Bangal "Baby"

Living in the beautiful Malibu canyons can have it's perils. With it's a beautiful landscape of rolling hills and jagged canyons, we absolutely love living in nature. Our healing center home called Red Eagle Ranch is backed up right up against hundreds of miles of canyon state park, and with little to no neighbors and nothing to really stop animals-we have our fair share of deer, coyote, rabbits, birds, mice, fox, hawks, owls, lizards, raccoons, and snakes. Add dry spells of drought, fires and evacuations and then perfect weather 80% of the time, it is a very adventurous place to live.

Our backyard in our beautiful healing center at Red Eagle Ranch, Malibu, CA

Moomie and Baby the Bengal

Our sturdy brave mixed tabby "Moomie" is seven years old and is enjoying her retirement after years of being a healing cat helping us with our clients while they are in deep meditation and surrendering to the healing process, she helps us with them. Unless they are allergic, then of course we put her away. She has managed to understand canyon living and is a full indoor-outdoor cat, with more time indoors as of late. She had a run in with a rattle snake five years ago and it was a horrible terrifying experience that she survived.

Last year we adopted a pure bred Bangal kitty, "Baby" and we tried hard to keep her indoors. We tried as long as we could, we took her on walks outside our home on a leash and she became more and more restless as the seasons changed, and as she grew into teenage hood, we encountered what happens when you leave a Bangal indoors. She tore every screen out of every single window, (and this is an old 100 year old house, mind you, so those screens are custom made and cannot be replaced easily). We kept nailing the screens back in, and she would get out every-night and casually plop down her nightly hunt reward of mice and canyon rats and sometimes birds on our doorstep every morning. There was no keeping this cat in, at least it was cooler spring weather, so we didn't worry about snakes....yet.

But, summer came, and that brought more animals and she could not bare it, she absolutely found a way outside. She would be gone half a day roaming the canyons like her ancestors the asian leopard on the prowl. But, finally two weeks ago, she got bit in the face by a rattle snake. I found her sitting on night on top of her cat tree and her face was unrecognizable. Swollen huge, we rushed her around from vet to vet until 3 am, we brought her home waiting for our vet to open in the morning, they are well versed in rattle snake bites and have anti venom. I nursed her through the night and she looked like she wasn't going to make it. She couldn't walk as the neurotoxins took over her body, it was a horrible site to see. Poor baby.

In the morning, we rushed her to the vet, and they promptly gave her anti venom and antibiotics. She made it to full recovery, thank god, and if she gets bit again, she will go into anaphylactic shock and surely die. During the hot summer months she cannot go back outside. In the early mornings she howls until we let her out for and then she comes back in. She is fully recuperated now, thank god. We began the process of Bangal proofing the house, one screen at a time. For my bedroom french doors I bought aluminum screens and upstairs I replaced the screens but she got through it in one second flat. (We timed her) .

So I double wrapped the edges of the screens and I will attempt to put it up there and see how that goes. Life with a Bangal.

See you next post!

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