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We did it! We finally moved!

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

We didn't move into a tipi, but we did erect an 18' tipi to hold our shamanic ceremonies. Looking directly across from the ocean, it is absolutely beautiful.

Moving out of Red Eagle Ranch was a medley of mixed emotions, that house has seen seven years of family nights, dance parties, shaman ceremonies, Halloween Parties, Birthday Parties (Kylie's Harry Potter Extravaganza), wedding ceremonies, thousands of Circle of Light channeled gatherings by my husband Riz Mirza. It has seen me through three failed IVF's, new friendships, and horrible friendship endings, huge growth and the birth of my fashion line, Sacred Medicine.

I birthed and died there many times over, like so many people have told me has happened to them. How many times have we sat under the pepper tree listening to the sound of the bees (and the passing motorcycles)...with a view of the surrounding canyons that was utterly breathtaking. How many freezing cold nights in the 100 year old house, perched atop the cliff of Las Flores Canyon Rd in Malibu hosting groups who kept coming week after week to hear and feel the guides give them love and healing.

How many epic dinners came out of that tiny kitchen, how many "surgeries" have we (especially I) performed on clients, friends and family. We have had stilt walkers, Halloween mazes, taco carts, Christmas Carolers, Salsa dancers and oh so many full moon circles. For those who have spent time, know. What an unbelievable time. Here is a look back of the years that graced us at Red Eagle Ranch.

(all these photo's below are slideshows)

It was a hundred year old house, and it clearly being taken back by Mother Nature, one of the first homestead houses built in Malibu. We have moved on, and we are so happy and so excited about our new home. We have enough room to do everything we have been wanting to do, we still are in Malibu and we still are hosting the same (even more) magical activities but just a little different. The magic is truly unbelievable and we are so grateful....welcome to our new home, Red Eagle Manor.

I have continued shooting my Youtube Lifestyle show Modern Day Shaman, through it all. I am on Season 2, episode 2....we have not uploaded any of it yet. My Design book is still going strong, and although I took a break from Flamenco I am getting back to the studio and finished the first awesome shearling vest for my Winter Collection.Today, I broke ground on my new garden and planted our first seeds! We are so excited for our first crop!

at home

There is so many more exciting pictures and activities and events planned, and we cant wait to share it with you all! We will keep you posted on everything!

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