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Turquoise & Teal

I didn't know what I wanted exactly when I first started designing, all I knew is I could feel color. I really could feel it. The colors that were first guiding me was turquoise and teal. They are close in hue, but I loved them. I knew that something in those colors I could relate to, and I can feel....and I felt taken away. I don't know if it was another dimension, a past life or it reminded me of the ocean. I had to get to know those colors and I needed to feel it. While I started working with those hues, I felt so special like these were only for royalty and I imagined in the days of Cleopatra and the earliest recorded history, what did they think of that color? The more I processed this, the more I looked for more royal feeling and looking trim and embellishments. Sure enough, I found them, the North Indian tribes had such a great eye for detail, and although considered villagers, the Kutchi tribe knew something about majesty.

After the long hard road of my life, I felt like I walked a thousand miles in a desert, to reach this place of oasis, I never wanted to look back. One trim lead to another, and then I discovered fabrics. I went downtown to the fashion district and went shop by shop for three months and I still didn't go to them all. I touched so many fabrics, I started purchasing shades and textures I have always loved and didn't know what I was going to do with them. I just would bring them home and look at them, and looked like liquid to me the way it moved, it reminded me of paint.

I laughed as I remembered my mom was a seamstress and her entire family, for generations. She was raised on a coffee plantation is Honduras, and tailoring was a way of life. I needed to find even better fabric, so I discovered Mood Fabric, and that was it. I was home. Rows and rows of magic, I literally hear the fabric singing to me, each one a different song. Some were whispers and some were loud, I felt the people who worked there even knew about it. The designers who created these exquisite textiles gave their babies to the world, for us to look at, admire and imagine what to do with. I felt like I walked into a cult, the kind of cult I want to be in.

All I could think about was Mood Fabrics on Pico. I just talked about it and daydreamed about it, I could literally taste it! How my senses overlap, I do not know...but I knew this vibration was that of the Gods. I needed more. Every single chance I could go to Mood Fabric, I would go...quietly walking through the rows of chiffon and organza state of the art metallic waffle design, I would think-who made this? How gorgeous, imagine what I could do? But, after a while, I must do something with these fabrics, I would buy what I can and go home and pour over them like I used to with my Barbie's when I was young.

I realized I had to just start making my own jackets. I hired local people at first and learned a lot from that, and finally landed on hiring a friend from our Circle of Light gatherings we hold every Tuesday night, her name was Nikko and she had a great eye for detail. We have been working together ever since. I saturated myself with turquoise and teal and even painted my studio wall magnificent color of teal.

My oldest daughter Alex modeling Mermaid Jacket

I couldn't get enough, meanwhile I continued making 24 more embellished up-cycled jackets, mostly denim and corduroy in the styles that I loved for men and women, I was very happy with the results.

Sacred Medicine Jackets

I started working with HB Motorsports and even started embellished certified armor motorcycle jackets, and they came out beautiful. It was definitely painstaking but totally worth it, I wanted to bring beauty and color to everything I could touch! By this time, I held my first photoshoot at my home and hired some people I knew and my daughters also joined in.

The girls on the bottom left are 3 of my 4 daughters, London, Kylie and Alex.

I had just begun, but now I had to paint my studio walls, so I did that too (it was my husbands idea), and since I love gold so much, I also painted the other wall gold. My daughter Alex moved into my studio and she shares space with me, her brand is Eye of Alexandria and she makes awesome painted hoodies.

In my studio downtown LA

Over all, I was so motivated, that I started working out again and losing a few pounds...the IVF was fading into the background. I work M-F, and I love it.

My Mermaid Jacket.

My inspiration

When I first discovered this amazing fabric that looked like sea weed! It was so fun to work with!

Join me for more on my journey on my next post!

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