• Oriah Mirza

Thank God For The Beach

It’s worth living so remote in North Malibu, CA on the seas edge. I love being able to just go to the beach and be swept away into another world. I am so grateful. I don’t know what I would do without this. This is everything.

2020 has started great, and I know why. I am more calm, more serious, more peaceful, more clear and am pacing myself better than ever. I have a better idea how 2020 will unfold. As long as I stay in my magic, and keep surrendering to that, I will keep uncovering and discovering worlds within me. 2019 was an explosion of launching and making sure I get as much out of me as possible or it will never happen. I had to launch a thousand ships, or I'll never do it.

It was my most productive year so far in the sense of creating, cultivating, curating, executing and delivering tangible content and items to let people know what I am doing. The days of research are long gone, now it is going to be a delivery system of what is inside me as I keep letting it out. Enough of being hidden, enough of being concerned, enough of being shy. Get a grip. lol

I am so happy 2020 came, I have been waiting for it. I am so sensitive to the planetary shifts and I feel so many intense things, including the state of affairs of the world. Some people are not having much fun for 2020, but for many it is the year of 2020 Vision. My husbands 2020 Vision Channeling event went spectacular and I will be posting those soon.

So much to come, so much to share. But for now, I was just feeling my home and took these amazing pics of our beautiful planet.

I was walking along the beach by my house and this little message came to me, it was so beautiful I made a little video. I hope you like it.

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