• Oriah Mirza

Spirit Flow

I was challenged with a request for a leather spirit hooded vest for Shaman ceremonies. I had never attempted it before, but I jumped right in. I used recycled leather that was already scraps, this leather is calf leather.

This was a very fun vest to make, I really enjoyed it I definitely want to make more.

I love making vests in I made a few more...

Vests are so fun, I have a couple more I will be uploading soon when they are finished!

When I was on my last trip to the Himalayas visiting the Dali Llama's monastery, I purchased some vests that were made by the monks, I also bought some vintage hand painted scrolls, I came home and sewed it on the back of these blessed and vintage fur vests...these are truly one of a kind!

Monk Vest

More on the next post!

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