• Oriah Mirza

Shaman Chic is an artisan chic look

Being a shaman for ten years, I realized when I designed my business Sacred Medicine that it was clearly Shaman chic, a combination between shaman wear and boho chic. It is truly remarkable, these one of a kind, hand made made to order artisanal garments come strait from my imagination after traveling around the world and leading big retreats and healing gatherings providing a shamanistic healing circles....Shaman Chic was a perfect fit. This is an ongoing collection, and I love, love, love it. I have a zillion more ideas I cannot wait to make.

Here is the latest, the Shaman Chic Vest

I love this latest edition. It is a cousin to the Shaman Chic Jacket. It has a royal hombre to sky blue silky soft lining. It feels great and looks amazing. You can find it here! site.

See you next blog!

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