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My Shaman Photoshoot was a success. Whew.

Oriah's photoshoot
Unedited raw photo behind the scenes captured by Zaina's cell phone.

I have been waiting for literally two years to do a photoshoot showing the side of me that I know the best, my Shaman side. Leading so many retreats and journeys, I am most comfortable when I am in my own skin, the clothes that suit me. As I am preparing for my first runway show Aug 14th, and leaving for the retreat my husband and I lead in Ireland in two weeks and create my first my Winter 2019 collection....I thought I'd sneak in my Shaman photoshoot. I had only a few hours of light from 4pm-until sunset, and I wanted it to be in the canyons behind my home in Malibu.

Oriahs shaman shoot
Mark Corben photographing me

I feel this moment represents me the most.

Oriah's shaman shoot
Zaina doing her make up application

I worked hard to get to this point where I can enjoy my years on the planet as a gamer. Gamer of life, life hacker, decoder, matrix builder and re-inventor, and all by 46 years old. My story is so long and so many turns and twists I haven't met one human being who can sit through my story of five kids, five marriages, countless moves, travel, transformation, prior addictions, trauma, excitement, my wildness, my work, my healing journey, teaching, my art...I tried to write a book about it, I gave up at 400 pages. never-mind, I'll just make clothes.

Oriah photoshoot
This was taken with an iphone, what will the real photo be like?

Oriah's shaman shoot
walking with my intern, Arezu who helped style me

So here we are. So happy we were able to pull it off, I had my awesome team, Mark Corben to photograph, my filmmaker Andrei who has been following me capturing the incredible journey of turning into a fashion designer with no prior experience (well, lot's of playing around with costumes, and such) for my YouTube show; Modern Day Shaman (...first episode dropping soon!), my hearty make up artist Zaina, my adventurous intern Arezu who helped me style and even Zaina's boyfriend jumped in and lent a hand. I can't wait to post the photo's, but I will share the behind the scenes.

Oriah's photoshoot
Having a good time before wrapping

We topped off the shoot at sunrise on the top of Mulholland Road with a drone up above and by that time we were having so much fun, we just wrapped and continued laughing in the golden streams of light hitting the canyons. What an epic day.

I felt so comfortable in my own skin, enjoying my age and my life experience and everything that it took to bring me here today. So grateful.

As I am beginning my winter collection 2019, it is still hot here in Malibu, CA. Reaching mid to high 80's-90's degrees we were sweating walking up some of these hills, but it was so worth it. I feel so connected to native land, and the native spirit of the land we live on and I give thanks to the Chumash Native Americans that settled all across this region way up past Santa Barbara into the Santa Ynez valley for over 9,000 years! Imagine the thriving civilization they had! I always feel so blessed to be able to enjoy the same ground they enjoyed for so long.

Oriahs shaman shoot
Caught in the moment w an iphone, I found this feather and then I heard my guide speaking to

At one point, I put my favorite moccasins on and I literally felt so buoyant I was skipping through the boulders, and I sat here and found a feather. My guide, Red Eagle I felt left that for me to find to let me know he was with me. As soon as I picked it up, I felt his presence it was so sweet and I had a moment of loving exchange. I heard "Appeal to the Spirit" and I realized that was the inscription at the bottom of the statue of him we have in our home. : )

What a perfect day. I want to do more shoots like this. Oh, and I made the vest and jackets shown.

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See you next post!

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