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My husband the Muse

When I first met my husband, he was always talking about how boring men's clothing was. That was in 2010, and he was right. I felt so bad for him, he commented how he wanted to make his own clothes because there is nothing exciting for men to wear. I never consider that because the people I was married to or dated all wore pretty much the same thing and I guess had become unaware to the fact that their clothing could be better. We were under the impression that women could be the only gender to have exciting colorful clothes. Some designers in some countries made exciting men's clothes, but it definitely wasn't main stream. I never thought about it before, and I became so sad for him, I wanted to solve this problem. One of the first things I did was make several mens jackets to give him options.

My husband Riz wearing Night Hawk (before the beard)

I loved that men can start playing and having fun, I grew up with such rigid gender boundaries especially when it came to adornment, I wanted to be apart of the shift in consciousness. So I started playing with ideas and created an awesome line of men's jackets.

My responses have been great. I am so happy I can present some looks that are inspiring for men. In my ART F U S I O N line I made my first convertible jacket/vest combo with metallic lightweight fabric and I have more jackets and denim pants planned!

The journey into mens clothing continues, I forecast there will be little difference between men's clothing and women's clothing in the future. Can't wait!

See you in the next blog!

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