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My husband Riz Mirza did a spirit taste test for Burger King's Ghost Whopper

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Riz Mirza (/meer-zah/; born August 20, 1969) is an American author, psychic medium and trance channel. He has been compared to Jane Roberts and Edgar Cayce and has channeled thousands of Spirit Guides. He has been compared to Trance Channel Jane Roberts as being one of the best trance channels in our generation .[1] Riz Mirza's channeled gatherings called, "The Circle of Light" are internationally known. [2]

Burger King launched the Ghost Whopper Campaign partnering with Riz Mirza to do a "Spirit Taste Test" while Trance Channeling on October 21, 2019. Riz Mirza took this opportunity to poke fun at his serious career helping people through depression, addiction and pain. He stated, "It was great fun doing this commercial after a very serious decade of trance channeling, we are having some fun." [3] He stated, "A channeler is a person who is able to leave their body and allow a spirit to step into their body and use their voice to communicate."[4]

Riz stated on his website, "I believe I am the first trance channel in history bringing such a time-honored and sacred modality to the masses in such a humorous way, by being in a Burger King commercial trance channeling. It was very complicated doing it, but really fun. "[5] News outlets shared humorous headlines like Spirit's Don't Like It, but Burger King Takes A Chance On The Living With Its Ghost Whopper, and [6] [7] The BURGER KING® Brand Feeds Its New Ghost WHOPPER® Sandwich to the Dead.

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