• Oriah Mirza

My first runway show was a success!

So much has happened, since my first runway show in Hollywood, CA. I celebrated my husband's 50th birthday party and I have been shooting my You Tube show plus we just came back from a 2 week trip to Ireland leading a retreat! Whew!

There were a myriad of technical difficulties, but I am so glad it did turn out the way it did. If I were to list the technical difficulties I would just get depressed, so I will move on and just say at least I was able to have this sweet little video...

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I really learned a lot, I feel I will be better suited and better prepared for any future runway shows but I think for my first one, it really succeeded. I'm grateful. Since, then I have a had a flood of images come to me about my next collection which I am very happy to start immediately. But first, some much needed R & R.

Now that I have two collections under my belt, I am starting to experience a taste of the fashion industry. I love the pacing, it motivates me not to take my time, I have to hustle. I love the fact I can dive deep and pull out anything I want to and make it happen. It gave me a taste of wanting to do this on a big scale. I started thinking music video's, and internationally I can see the possibilities.

Although I feel like a novice, somehow I feel like a super star, I am always just amazed that I am allowed to be myself in an artistic way in whichever way I please. I worked hard for this, and I am so glad I never gave up.

There's so much more I can say, but I will leave it for the You Tube series (called Modern Day Shaman). You will be able to see everything I went through and what it took to put it together! See you in the next blog post!

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