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My first runway show is tomorrow-I'm so nervous!

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

You would think I am getting married or something, but preparing for my first runway show is a lot like having a wedding. You have a budget, you need more than your budget allows, you are keeping your models happy and on board, you stay in communication with the director and all production changes. You are trying to remember everything you have to bring to the venue.

You are making sure your team delivers and does what they have promised. You hope no one trips and falls, you are trying to figure out how to get the last minute shoes for someone. You are answering a lot of texts and asking a lot of questions, you're concerned about the music. I am wondering what I am going to wear, as a first time designer. I'm waiting for my youngest daughter who is modeling to come in and do a fitting and rehearsal. You are hoping that everyone has enough to eat during the long day but not too much to get sleepy. You are wondering so many things. You trust your creations, you trust your style and everything else you cross your fingers.

Oh, and make sure I bring business cards and the cameras are charged with enough memory cards on the chips. Sigh.

I'm sitting here typing away because i have a ranging headache, yeah, I can blame the Jack n the Box tacos from last night on the way home, or just nerves. So I am calming down, I'm just going to write a blog post. I sold 18 of my 20 tickets, and my deadline is tonight.

with my husband Riz Mirza
This is my wedding day 11/11/11-feel the same

I haven't worked out all the details yet, how long each model has on the runway, how long to change, how long will make up take in between looks. I have ten min on stage. Where will I be? Tomorrow, it will be all worked out. I know it will all work out. I am happy with my 9 models, two I haven't met yet. I have to remember to bring props and my steamer. My assistant is in Hawaii on a pre-planned's ok. I have an intern. I haven't heard from my hairstylist yet, I have to call her back....ahhhhh! I think I am actually am getting married. To my line.

me with my daughter London
Showing my daughters to not quite is worth every second

I will be filming for my youtube show Modern Day Shaman that is in production now, l and I am capturing video and photo's as well. I can't wait to post all of it when it is edited. If you want to follow along in my journey, subscribe to my blog! Also don't forget to follow me on social media:

@sacred_medicine_wear and @modernday.shaman and @oriahmirza and FB here. Follow my you tube for Sacred Medicine, my brand here.

If you are in the LA and want to attend Aug 14th, go here: RAW Tickets

If you want to start following my Modern Day Shaman you will be ready when the first episode drops!

See you in my not so typical fashion next blog post!


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