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My first post!

Hi! So, I finally sat down and am writing a blog. Let me introduce myself. My name is Oriah, and I am a mother of five children, one boy and four girls that I birthed by 36 years old, so I started young. I am 46 years old now, and I am married to my fifth husband, yes fifth. Two fathers that were seven years each and my current husband is going on ten years.

I am married to a psychic medium and trance channel Riz Mirza, and I consider him one of the best in the world or at least in our generation. Together we opened a healing center out of our home in Malibu, CA and there we have helped thousands of people re-birth and get healing from addiction and trauma. We are Shamans. We believe in Oneness, and being resourceful and giving. We travel internationally on spiritual retreats that we lead 4-5 times a year.

We have lived the Healers Path. At least one parent dying young, and inner city husband from the Bronx, NY and me...well all the inner cities of Los Angeles including East LA. My story is long and I have tried to capture it in book form, speaking and even a documentary that I never finished. By the time anyone gets through listening to my story they are too exhausted to hear what I am doing now. So to avoid that, I will just stick to what I am doing now.

I have been an artist my whole life, drawing and painting on anything that didn't move. growing up without money as an only child, in a cult, moving every 6 months to a year and no television makes for some great resourcefulness. One of the highlights of my life (besides seeing my kids happy), is when I see other people get excited or love something I made. I never tire of the feeling of wonderment they have or I have when we can share that experience. That is what lead me to fashion design.

My husband and I do not have any children together and after three failed attempts in 2017 & 2018, I was at my wit's end. Not only did I find IVF treatments to be exhausting, overwhelming, bloating, and very disappointing but I also was homebound. We live in the same home where we work, and we call our home Red Eagle Ranch. Red Eagle is the main Spirit Guide that has been channeling through my husband for almost 13 years now. I would stay in my room, going through the roller coaster of emotions from IVF and going stir crazy. I had already built a three-story doll house and furnished it. I watched every episode of Tree House Masters and just needed to make something really bad. I took out a needle and thread...and took one of my old denim jackets and started sewing trim on the back.

Just bold trim, one after the other I just kept sewing with red thread. I felt like being bold, and I did. These were the first two jackets I made. I showed a couple of people and they were really surprised and loved how it looked and felt. The rest is history, I dived head first and haven't looked back. I have my first runway show coming up this Aug 14th, 2019!

I have so many things in the works and I cannot wait to share! I am going to be doing shorter blog entries because I have a lot of topics and things I want to show you. For now, this is my quick introduction...I will be adding more blog posts regularly until I just need to do it weekly. If you want to stay tuned to what I am churning out of Sacred Medicine Studio sign up for updates and I will let you know when there's more to share!

This is my first line Boho Chic collection, and I called in all my friends and family to help me model and take photo's, and do hair and make up. It is the epitome of Boho grasstroots lifestyle and I am so happy with this first collection!

See you in the next post!

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