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Dayvon Ross former NFL

Dayvon Ross responded to an ad I had looking for a model who could pull off a bad ass performance type jacket. Loaded with embellishments and embroidery, a denim jacket with tails...he had an amazing story that I didn't know about. He just recovered fully from bone marrow cancer that almost took his life just a year ago. I was so happy to be able to shoot him, and he did such a great job. Here are some more from his shoot.

It gave me the idea about helping him show how he is celebrating life after his recovery and he wants to share with everyone never to give up. His story was amazing, I can't wait for him to showcase his journey from the NFL to cancer and almost dying then to be celebrating with my Legend Jacket from the ICON Collection.

Dayvon Ross in Sacred Medicine

I played around with this image because this jacket is meant to be worn on the red carpet or on stage.

See you next post! Check back soon! If you want to see more of my collection, go here:

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