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Looking for an Executive Producer for my new lifestyle VLOG channel

After years and years of dedication to cultivating my craft as a healer/shaman and trauma life coach I also have decided to dive back into my art (my first calling). At 46 years old with five children-almost all grown-I have the opportunity to combine both worlds and launch. I am a start up fashion designer for Sacred Medicine, a brand I created. In the development of fashion line, I also realized the goldmine of an opportunity I have being a Shaman sharing the running of our private healing center Red Eagle Ranch in Malibu, CA.

Not only have I healed myself from 25 years of trauma due to domestic violence, addiction and death in the family but I trained myself and helped thousands of people with my husband Riz Mirza, a psychic medium and world renowned trance channel. Together we have changed the lives of countless people through our own techniques and healing journeys, sessions and weekly channeled gatherings. We love our live.

But, it is based on the principal of a lifestyle of healing. Where you focus on giving yourself permission to enjoy life in a healthy, holistic way. No boundaries, no boxes. Most people are just trying to be expressed and make a difference, we show you how. I was so excited about my findings that I wrote my first book, The Little Book of Sanity to help people through trying times.

Since then, I opened the doors to my first every fashion business, and it was based on just designing and creating upcycled jackets originally and in 7 months have grown to now three collections and a runway show on Aug 14th. I have employed every resource around me, from my daughters modeling, to friends working with me and being trained, like my lead Pattern Maker and Seamstress Niko Alburn who I threw her into advance pattern making with little to no experience, and she is doing exceptionally well.

I created a Modern Day Shaman Lifestyle Brand, with a design book being written now with the help of a publishing company and trying to bloom my social media presence. Up until now I have done everything myself, my own photography, my own editing, graphics, my own sewing and design-basically I created everything from scratch. Now, I have started to attract passionate and talented visionaries to help me to expand. I have photographers for different needs, videographers, illustrators, web designers, social media guru's and more-all rallying around me to help be apart of my launch.

What I need now is an Angel Executive Producer. You do not need to be apart of daily operations but you would be helping me financially and you will have an equity investment in everything I am doing regarding media. Mainly the Vlog, but any sponsorship or advertising payments to me will be divided with you, and other terms can be negotiated. It can be in increments or in one lump sum.

I know I have an interesting show, and concept especially how unusual our lifestyle is and how enthusiastic I am about every inch of the development of this empire. I have zero doubts about the success of this launch, because I have been in development for 20 years, training, development and curation of myself as a public figure, a brand and a lifestyle. I have also been a producer.

If you are serious and ready to start immediately, please email me at

Thank you! Looking forward to hearing from you!


My clothing Line: My new insta: @sacred_medicine_wear My new lifestyle blog: My new lifestyle insta: @modernday.shaman

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