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Left my heart and my favorite vest behind in Ireland!

It took me four hours (!) to upload all the pics and videos to i movie to make a video of our recent retreat to Ireland, and it is not even close to being edited yet. We lead a small group to Ireland to adventure up north and down south with ocean and hiking and stone circle ceremony's in between. We visited ancient sites and the local culture, music and enjoyed the food, if you are interested in going with us go here! I was giving my husband a hard time for leaving things behind everywhere and then I went ahead and left behind my favorite vest I made (the first one) for my Winter 2019 collection. (eeerrrggggg). So be it. I learned my lesson, and also I feel since it was a very Celtic vest, I left it with the land, it is quite whimsical that way. But here is the infamous vest:

Here's just some of the many photos that I couldn't even begin to sort out. We had a fantastic tour guide, Paul who was so knowledgable about so many of the ancient sites. There are over 400 ancient stone circle's in Ireland that date back to 5,000 years ago. It is hard to believe.

It feels like everywhere we went there was castles, and ruins, and tombs and stone circles sitting right there amongst the towns and people, and everyone is quite used to it! It is hard to imagine that you can touch the structures that were created by man that long ago.

I was very happy my husband Riz and I wore these celtic vests and really got into the spirit.

our lovely group

There was so much to do-and so much green! was wonderful. : )

See you in the next blog post!

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