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Gary Clark Jr wore Sacred Medicine

I love Gary Clark Jr, and if you haven't heard of him he is a lead singer songwriter of rock soul blues and he is considered the next Legend even playing with Eric Clapton, featured on Saturday Night Live, Rolling Stones Magazine and opening for the Rolling Stones. I had the opportunity to make him a jacket through a mutual friend, and I took it. I made a crushed deep mahogany velvet fitted blazer with a soft interior and an amazing boho-chic Indian embroidery back. He was handed the jacket before he was to go on stage to perform at the Fonda Theater Nov 15th, 2019 in Hollywood, CA. He loved it, and he immediately put it on, and performed the entire show wearing it. That was a very cool moment indeed.

Gary Clark Jr Performing in Sacred Medicine Jacket

It was so exciting to make this jacket. I had it custom tailored by an Indian traditional tailor.

It is being modeled here by someone else, but it fit him beautifully.

Photo by Brandon Weil
Gary Clark Jr Performing at the Fonda Theater

I am so happy I had this opportunity.

It was so fun to make, so I made another one and sent it to him. His style is currently more subdued, kind of almost grunge blues, but maybe in time he will be ready to really rock n' roll in a style that suits his powerful and colorful demeanor.

This is the stunning royal blue crushed velvet jacket:

My son Rob modeling Solid Gold, my latest jacket made for Gary Clark Jr

My son Rob is a little bit shorter than Gary, so it is a little loose on him, but this is the second jacket.

When Gary saw this jacket, he loved has a cartoon silky lining as a surprise considering how serious his music, but I see the boy in Gary so I added this as a little nod. He hasn't worn it yet, but I think when he is ready to go to the next level with his look, he will wear it and channel a little Jimmi Hendrix!

What an experience it was as a new designer to make these two jackets for Gary, I would like to make more jackets for musicians and performers!

Stay tuned for the next posts! See you later!

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