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Believe in Yourself

Apart of being a Shaman, is being realistic. Although you do get to spend time visiting other dimensions and meditating and enjoying healing modalities, you also are a healer. A healer is someone who spends their time healing others and making sure it works, so it has to be real. But a healer also knows magic, deep pure magic where you do not know where something begins or ends because it is a cycle of discovery. Always evolving and ever changing so you literally are riding these cosmic waves. As I expand, I also realized I needed to attract investors, and be able to continue expanding at the rate I am. So I created a crowdsource funding campaign!

While I am working on investors, I was selected be apart of a fashion runway show on Aug 14th, 2019 in Hollywood!

Of course, this was perfect timing, it will be exactly 8 months since I had opened my studio. My husband had surprised me with the keys to my studio on Christmas 2018 when we were opening presents. I hadn't cried like that in a long time, what a beautiful gift. If you want to attend the event, just click on link above and you can buy tickets to come be apart of the show!

My youngest daughter London and I in the studio

Although I have experience being an entrepreneur since 2003, I have never been a fashion designer before, it has so far been the most rewarding experience. It was following color that lead me to fabrics, which lead me to designing, I would have never known this is the path I would have been lead to.

Keep it 100 Green Metallic convertible bomber jacket/vest.

I just spoke with a Los Angeles based photographer today who believes in Shaman work herself, and she also has the same vision as I and wants to share beauty of fashion from the same place as I do! I'm so excited she just teamed up with me. Between her and a new amazing filmmaker who just came on board with me to make a small cinematic short promo film for Sacred Medicine, I can finally really have the best photo's and footage showcasing my couture brand!

I made my first dress. I can't describe to you how cool it is, made with a metallic stretch fabric with little holes, over one shoulder with a flowing fabric draping behind. A separate arm sleeve on the other side completes this amazing dress. Next to the dress is my metallic bronze see through bomber and a light weight waffle metallic organza vest with tubular collar. This is apart of my ART F U S I O N line. I have so many more designs sketched we are making now that I can't wait to show you!

See you on the next blog!

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