• Oriah Mirza

I love everything....really.

By now, I was falling in love. I was falling in love with myself, my work, my models, my assistants, the fabric and trim stores even the janitor in the building. I could not believe it, I was selling some jackets but because I had to ask for more than the average jacket, it probably was hard for the average person to buy it. I started learning more about the fashion industry and understanding more about pricing. I see why there is such a huge gap between cheap affordable clothes and quality expensive clothes. As I was understanding manufacturing, retail and distribution and so many details about how to get into retail stores I realized I was either going to stick to my guns, sell less but keep my prices right where they were or give up. And giving up was not an option, so I stayed very true to my truth and I didn't give up, there were many nervous days and nights as I was trying to figure out how I was going to afford this already growing business.

Going back to my Shamanic ways and my beliefs, I surrendered. I surrendered to the process and I surrendered to the love of art. I also surrendered to making money and allowing that flow to happen. The more I felt uncomfortable, the more I looked for even more exquisite and exotic fabrics. I found this silver metallic mesh jacket and decided to make a bomber jacket, I hired models and started taking photo's myself. I loved how it looked.


I even started making some little video's, and begun my instagram page (@sacred_medicine_wear). I was so excited, now I knew I was officially designing my own clothes and I needed to completely come from a new reality, and reality where I was breaking from my past, my history and all my stories. If I wanted to develop and create the kind of brand I had in mind, I had to start fresh.

These video's I edited and created myself. I built my website and I did everything. I knew that I had to, and I also had a marketing and design background so I knew how to do it...but getting back to the fabrics and creating and illustrating is where I want to always I started slowly begin outsourcing. That is the stage I am in right now, my website is almost finished being rebuilt and ready for it's debut. I also have more surprises I will share in the next blog!

See you there!

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