• Oriah Mirza

1 Year Anniversary of Sacred Medicine!

Yesterday was the 1year Anniversary of my first stitch!

My hair was totally different back then-and I had nothing but a dream, and no background in fashion design. But what I did have is a CRAVINg...a need to CREATE. I needed to create with my hands, I needed to let my artistic side out. I couldn't do the interior design projects I wanted to...and i needed something small enough I can do in one day. So I started by recycling jackets and re-purposing them. From there I created a couture company with one runway down, and on to my third collection with a jr designer and intern. I NEVER saw this happening when I was working here. I was just glad they would let me in the building, and I rented this table and used the machines...and now I have my own studio. Yesterday marks the one year anniversary. I am so thankful. : )

Quick love post-see you next post!

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