Modern Day Shaman Lifestyle

What is the lifestyle of a modern day shaman?

A Shamanic lifestyle to me is eclectic and functional design with so much style and so much authentic creativity and artisanal qualities you feel swept away and in that healing occurs. I like to create magical environments in spaces and in clothing that you feel special, different and unique.


I did it for myself and it worked, and I believe life coaching is not enough to heal one's self, not even shamanic work...the real healing comes when you develop and create and live inside the worlds and environments you create that suit you, that feel good to you. To look how you want to, feel how you want to and live how you want to. I believe that is the true shamanic lifestyle.


Art is Healing

When I integrated my art into my healing business I had no idea what would happen.

Welcome to my blog! My name is Oriah. My story is that I am a mom of five, a former victim of domestic violence for many years and since my road to freedom, I have helped many women and men through trauma as a life coach and healer for ten years, guiding people through sacred journeys and retreats.

Not only was I completely healed in the process of creating my fashion line, but I have continued my work as a shaman through my art.

Not only was I Shaman but I was a Trauma Life Coach for ten years, with 7 years of intensive training prior. I specialized in re-programming the mind and healing the wounds from the past while creating a new future. But, I could not continue because my art was calling me. I had to get back to my roots. So I did, and here I am. I want to integrate my healing lifestyle and expertise into the magical realms of the visual healing art, interiors, and fashion design.

"Shamans are playful and are in touch with their child, they have no rules. They transmit energy this way, with joy."

-Chief Red Eagle

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