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Find Your Core Beliefs! 

By Oriah Mirza


When doing deep self-reflective work on yourself, you will discover it is not always easy to retrace your thoughts and emotions, or reverse engineer your programming to find your Core Beliefs or your Source Files. This Worksheet is designed to quickly help you locate them.


After 20 years of developing, practicing and facilitating how to find the core beliefs in a person for the purpose of re-inventing, reprogramming and re-defining one’s life, Oriah Mirza, author of Little Book of Sanity, has compiled a unique formula designed with 21 questions that will help guide you to uncover your Core Beliefs. Once you finish answering a question(s), ask yourself if this is your final belief or upgraded belief? If it is upgraded, then answer the new upgraded belief. 


When you are finished with the questionnaire, read back your final answers to yourself and these Core Beliefs are what is running and operating your life. This is your Core Programming and could explain a lot about the results in your life. If you are still upset or angry about any of the areas you answered, then your belief has probably not been upgraded yet to a more peaceful one, and you have an opportunity to do that now. See if your Core Beliefs are where you thought they were, and adjust and look at yourself from a new perspective.

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