LEtting you in

Exciting original series Modern Day Shaman is breaking ground with blowing open perceptions of what has defined Shamanism so far...


Oriah Mirza has opened the doors to her busy life as a mom of five, her life as a shaman, author, and trauma life coach for the last 15 years and her marriage to renowned psychic medium and trance channel Riz Mirza. This time, however, she wants to throw a spin on what you think a shaman is-she wants to show you what the Modern Day Shaman really is. 

In the series Oriah set out to make sure that not only the world of being a shaman can be explained, but how she does it. You will watch her while she launched into being a fashion designer with no prior experience as she opened House of Sacred Medicine-a Shaman Chic line, her first foray into her Live Speaking Event Series, holding her first seminar called Awaken to the Healer Within, writing her first 200 page design book called Modern Day Shaman, and creating and producing her first Original Series YouTube show, Modern Day Shaman.


Oriah is thriving living and by the seat of her pants after evolving (through sheer determination) through addiction, violence, severe trauma and growing up inner cities, leaving a cult and surviving five marriages in 25 years. Every episode is full of color and exploration into many facets of her life as she explores more of the creative side of life, living the messages of creating your reality and expression that she fervently talks about with her clients.


Experience what her husband Riz's channeling events Circle of Light in Malibu, CA feel like, her exciting first-time runway show, her dive in Flamenco, a big surprise move and much, much more.    SUBSCRIBE NOW